Hi , hallo

We are and now finally here officially.
We are especially happy to have found a home on the instance as we see ourselves as part of the global .

Who are we?

We are a movement that emerged from the youth, but is open to everybody and we demand drastic changes in policy from politics to fight the .

What do we do?

In Vienna we strike every Friday since December 21st 2018!
Our biggest so far was the on September 27th 2019 where 80.000 people took to the streets in Vienna alone – in Austria in total it was 150.000 people.

How can you find out more?

On our website you’ll find a lot of info about us. There you can also sign up for the national newsletter.
Or just follow us here. You can also ask questions any time. Questions here will be answered by a part of the social media team, but we can forward questions we can’t answer to other teams in the movement. You can also directly contact for general questions.

How can you support us?

Mobilization is most important, so come to our strikes as often as you can and take all your friends with you. If you can’t come every Friday please come to the big global strikes. There will also be relatively big strikes on every first Friday of the month.
If you want to take it one step further write us here or to to reach our nice onboarding team.

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