We will update our server, there will be a short downtime (<5 minutes)

If you experience any other problems let us know!

🔥 Synapse security release
Synapse has exceptionally released version 1.61.1 to fix a vulnerability. We already updated our server. There is and was no danger for user data

Things work on our end agian. Feel free to reach out if you experience any issues.
We also used the restart to update our server so we are running the latest version

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We are experiencing degraded performance on our matrix server and are currently restarting the services. This will be a downtime of ~5 minutes

Did you know that disappearing messages are possible in ?
We already configured our server to allow this feature - but no major client supports it yet. Nevertheless, disappearing messages will come and we are ready!

Sorry again for all the problems that people had in the last days, because our services were down. There are working again and hopefully that remains. We will do our best, that this will not happen again! Have a nice day

We have a lot of Downtimes in the last days and at the moment. Sorry for that! The ISP from the Datacenter has Issues.

sorry for downtime yesterday, weather was to hot for the ldap server. most stuff should work again.

Viel Liebe für alle, die jetzt auf dezentrale und demokratische Technik setzen :fedi:

You can always ask questions about our services via DM!
On the other hand, if you feel comfortable, we prefer public messages so others can benefit from the interaction too :fedi:

A simple restart did the job (as far as we can tell). If you still experience issues please drop us a comment or DM.

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We are experiencing degraded performance of our server and are investigating the issue

We often get asked, if our services are just for climate activist.
Our answer is definitely no, we are happy to support all groups, projects and individuals who are willing to make this planet better for all beings.
:EG: :fff: :XR: :antifa: :vegan: :femin: :ancomheart: :BLM: :anarch: :nona: :amaz: :AFD: :hff: :senf: :fedi: :fb:

Hi #Fediverse
We are the hambicamp, a protest camp in NRW (Germany), close to the hambach forest occupation. We provide infastructure for the occupation, but we also have projects here in the village and with the neighbourhood. Feel free to come around and join the resistance!


Our Element-Webclient at matrix.activism.international and in the Activism Cloud now supports a new search, threading and you can pin important messages.

You can create your Activism-ID directly in your favorite Matrix-Client. Just download , or , change the server to activism.international , choose a username and a password an than you are ready to start chatting and using our other services.

Hi !

We are activism.international your tech collective that provides secure tools for activists. We provide
for communication,
for online collaboration
as VPN service
and more to activists for free.

Everyone can register, create a local group and collaborate in real-time.
Here we will inform you about new services, outages and future plans.
Create an account on cloud.activism.international/a

Climate Justice Global

Welcome to this official Fediverse instance for climate justice groups.

There is also: climatejustice.rocks for individual activists climatejustice.social also for individual activists funk.climatejustice.global for podcasts and music