Should open it's doors for individuals (activists), or keep only being open for activist groups?

And would you, as a private person be willing to pay a small amount to help with the cost?
Also feel free to answer how much you'd be willing to pay.

FYI: This is just an informational poll. The decision will be made by the already active accounts (CC: @fffhalle, @fffdresden). so far:

4 Groups have joined the instance. They all come from 1 time-zone, speak 1 language and represent the same part of the (if you include in ).

Let's bring some in here!
Does anybody have good contacts to groups from other parts of the world, e.g. activists? And to non-FFF-parts of the movement, especially those that are not at all in the yet - like ?

Hey, dear #pleroma people!

I would like to request a new pleroma instance related to climatejustice, activism, leftist politics. We have already many mastodon instances related to leftist politics (,,, etc.)

Suggested domain names:


#pleroma #mastodon #fediverse #climatejustice

cc @minister

Pt. 2
Now that I introduced myself, let me introduce you to the instance: is meant as an official instance open for all activist groups that are part of the .

So if you want to get your local :fff: , :EG: or other group on the fediverse you can suggest them this instance. For :XR: there is their official

A big thank you to @mastohost for setting this up. 👍

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Hi, I'm Paula, the of the newly created instance

Here I'll mostly post admin-related stuff. My personal account where I post about (mostly in German) is @PaulaForFuture.

I can also be found at @paulakreuzer where I post about all kinds of stuff in English.

What do we want? Climate Justice!
When do we want it? Now!

Climate Justice Global

This is an official mastodon instance for activist groups of the global climate justice movement.