Hi, I'm Paula, the of the newly created instance

Here I'll mostly post admin-related stuff. My personal account where I post about (mostly in German) is @PaulaForFuture.

I can also be found at @paulakreuzer where I post about all kinds of stuff in English.

What do we want? Climate Justice!
When do we want it? Now!

Pt. 2
Now that I introduced myself, let me introduce you to the instance: is meant as an official instance open for all activist groups that are part of the .

So if you want to get your local :fff: , :EG: or other group on the fediverse you can suggest them this instance. For :XR: there is their official

A big thank you to @mastohost for setting this up. 👍

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Welcome to the fediverse and thank you for creating new space in the fediverse :)

So if you want to get your local :fff: #FridaysForFuture, :EG: #EndeGelände or other group on the fediverse you can suggest them this instance:

@minister Too bad we are already at social.anoxinon (which is also a cool instance). But we will definitely be checking who is there!

@KlimaAntifaTue My main goal is to get groups that are not in the fediverse at all yet anyway. Great you are already here! 👍

@minister We will try to recruit some groups from Twitter (but not before we have 100 Followers here, there is a little competition going on😂 )

@KlimaAntifaTue @minister

did you know roughly 50% of the fediverse is mastodon? And did you know, many people actually just know mastodon, but not all the other clients from the fediverse?

--> I love your idea of getting people into the fediverse, but please don't mention mastodon as the only or best way to interact with the fediverse.

--> for instance, i actually like pleroma more than mastodon. It has an bigger character limit and does not annoy me with notification sounds when i receive a notification.

@fruechtchen Jep :)
No worries, I really like other parts of the fediverse too so they will not come short. Nevertheless has Mastodon it's benefits for new users as it offers . I am not aware of similar Plemora alternative (there is this a server list but it is not very helpful to beginners I think


you could suggest they create private accounts first to understand the fediverse & its program better.

(Before creating their official groupaccount).

And btw: for group accounts (which have sometimes ~30 boosts or so) friendica is especially interesting, as you can disable like/boost/new-follower notification, by changing the account type to an organization.

This is also one thing you can't do on mastodon. Advantage: its easier to spot messages/direct mentions.

But i aggree, is really nice.

@fruechtchen @KlimaAntifaTue Yeah I'm always trying to explain the whole fediverse to people when they ask me about mastodon or when I ask them to join.
I never had a account before, but I'll definitely check it out. I also use , and for a while I used , which is also very cool, I just don't have the time for it atm.

@fruechtchen @KlimaAntifaTue Oh and the main reason I chose Mastodon for my instance is because MastoHost is the only hosting service I know of.

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