Yeah it's a shame it took so long. I myself had this plan for a long time, but never got around to set it in action, because I thought it was too hard. But with @mastohost it's really, really easy.

For now I won't allow individuals to sign up and I do have some feelers out to some groups. As soon as some groups have joined we'll decide if we want to open up the instance for individuals too.
Alternatively I could also create another instance for individuals as a sub-domain.


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Yeah I've had on my radar for a while. I hope they'll have the first official release soon and that it's easy to use. :)

@minister @wion @mastohost With two instances you would risk dividing up the Local timeline. It's probably better to keep it undivided so groups can communicate efficiently to individuals who care about climate.

@orangelamp @wion

Oh yeah I didn't think about the local timeline yet. I never used it before, but with an instance of just climate activist(s/groups) it will be quite interesting.

Definitely one thing that should be considered.

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