Should open it's doors for individuals (activists), or keep only being open for activist groups?

And would you, as a private person be willing to pay a small amount to help with the cost?
Also feel free to answer how much you'd be willing to pay.

FYI: This is just an informational poll. The decision will be made by the already active accounts (CC: @fffhalle, @fffdresden).

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I'm not interested in an account, but in general I don't mind (and actually like) paying for service others provide to me. ( Being a customer is so much nicer than being a product; example: #gmail vs. #posteo)

@fffhalle @fffdresden


Note: in your case it's a little different (I wouldn't be a "curstomer", but a comrade maybe?)

Giving #solidarity (paying something, if I can) is very nice,
receiving solidarity (not having to pay, e.g. because I can't) is also very nice!

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