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Rules and code of conduct will be determined democratically as soon as some groups have joined the instance.
For now I suggest the following (these are not set in stone):


  • no reposts from Twitter
  • no or very few bots
  • no private persons or political parties, just activist groups, NGOs etc.
  • each group should stick to the code of conduct below and their own rules and guidelines


  • don't post anything illegal or anything that violates higher moral guidelines (like human rights). In case of contradictions human rights trump national and regional laws.
  • don't promote physical or mental violence against living beings
  • the topic of this instance is climate justice. Not every toot has to be, but a high percentage should be about climate justice. The instance is open to climate protection groups that are not specifically about climate justice too, as long as they don't generally oppose the causes of the climate justice movement
  • please use image descriptions and capitalize the first letter of each word in hashtags consisting of more than one word (e.g. #ClimateJustice) to allow visually impaired people a good experience
  • please avoid links to Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft & Co Sites, to allow people who care about their private data (as everybody should) a good experience