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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the climatejustice.global moderators.

  1. Before signing up please read the full set of principles, rules and guidelines at https://climatejustice.global/about
  2. We stand for climate justice, which includes justice for all marginalized people as well as other living beings and we stand against discrimination and exploitation.
  3. We consider ourselves on the left side of the political spectrum and stand up against right wing ideologies.
  4. We believe the Fediverse should be a place for respectful discourse and we stand against harassment, trolling and spam.
  5. We stand up for peace and against violence, oppression and authoritarianism.
  6. We stand behind the science and against fake-news & propaganda.
  7. Also, we stick to Austrian and EU law and we don't post pornography.
  8. Principles, rules and guidelines may change at any time and sanctions may be applied according to rules that have not been written yet at that time, but of course never without justification. Appeal is always possible.